The basics

On this page you'll learn about Construction, Worship, Programs, Safety, Community Engagement & FAQs.

Click HERE to download the weekly schedule to see what a typical week of camp is like!


At ROTC the camp will be divided into a few color groups, and within those color groups there will be several small work teams. Each team is comprised of 3-6 Jr. High students, and are led by High School/College leaders, and work team adults. The groups vary in size depending on the size of the projects and size of work team vehicles. Each work team will have at least one wheelchair ramp to complete throughout the week.

During the three work days it will be the task of the Jr. High to do the actual construction. At ROTC the youth/college leaders and adults are there to encourage, help and teach the Jr. High all that they need to complete the task. This may sound overwhelming but we have built hundreds of ramps over the years, and all of the ramps have been completed by Jr. High and look great!

At ROTC, our passion is the Jr. High student, and one way we live that passion out is to empower them to construct a great ramp that they might not have thought they were capable of building!


ROTC aims to be experiential and experimental; designed specifically for Junior High Youth, yet dynamic and transformational for all ages. We incorporate a variety of different worship elements and styles to try and expose the students to all that is possible in worship. Some of those differences include music driven praise, outdoor worship, lament, worship stations, Seder-style, share nights and many, many others. 

Number one priority of ROTC is to serve Jr High Youth so that they can serve the community. We are an organization formed to transform 6-8 graders to be disciples of Jesus living out their faith in mission to the world. Worship is one way that we do this. 


The programs at ROTC are wicked fun! Our first priority is building ramps for community members who are in need, and to encounter God in an amazing way through worship. The second priority is to have fun! As you might guess, we do lots of fun things, and have a ton of silly leaders that have devoted their week to encouraging Jr. High students and making them laugh. We are firm believers that Christians are the most fun people there are, and we like to be silly, laugh and eat a lot of cheezy-poofs!

safety & community impact

At ROTC we believe in safety! It is a lot of fun to build wheelchair ramps, but the reality is most of our students have never worked with power tools before or worked for long hours in the heat of the Texas summer. We take our safety seriously, because it's never fun when someone gets hurt. Every team has a safety leader everyday, and there are two adults at camp that have the sole job of camp safety.

If you are concerned about your students at camp, be assured that we take every safety precaution and are very serious when it comes to the well-being of our campers. If you would like more information about the measures that are taken to keep the students safe while at camp, please contact Alex Williams.

ROTC is all about community impact. The towns that we hold camp in are very small, and our presence is felt from the first moment we meet at the church on Monday. At every camp we hear community members brag about how amazing it is to see Jr. High students doing such great things for people that they don't even know. The work that is done at ROTC truly changes people's lives in a way that they will never forget. We can't remember a single camp where we weren't mentioned in the city newspaper or the talk of the town!

Coupled with ROTC's work in the community, is the amazing impact that these towns and people have on us. The memories we have are so uplifting and we would love to share that experience with you!

Frequently asked questions

Who can attend camp?

Anyone who has completed the 6th grade through those who just finished 8th grade are considered junior high participants. We invite older students to apply for our Youth/College Leadership Program.

When are registration forms due?

By registering your group and paying a non-refundable deposit, your group secures spots at a particular camp. Group registrations are due by April 15th. Individual registrations are due 30 days prior to the first day of the camp you're attending. If you register late, there will be a $50 late fee, per participant.

What is the cost of camp?

The total cost of camp is $250 per participant which includes lodging, food, construction materials, supplies and all the things you need for a camp. The cost does not include transportation to and from camp for participants.


If I attend camp with my son or daughter, will we be in the same work team?

No. Unless there is a medical reason that you need to be with your child at all times, they will be put into a different work team. This is done so that your son or daughter will get the chance to learn from someone else and so that there are no family ties on the work site. In our experience Jr. High students seem to make friends easier, and experience less stress at camp if their parents aren't with them all the time. Ironically this seems to also be true for the parents.

What if I have never built a wheelchair ramp before?

Most of our participants have never built anything before they arrive at camp. This is why we take a large part of the first day educating the campers & adults on how to use the tools safely, and what it's like working in the Texas summer heat. ROTC is a mission trip designed for anyone; the "first-timers" to those more experienced. Adults do not need to have any previous experience, just an open mind and an attitude to serve. Through training and the guidance of our more experienced leaders, you will have an amazing trip growing in both mind and body.

Do you let the junior high students use the circular saw?

We do! It is our opinion that the Jr. High students should be the ones that actually do the construction. While our adults are present to teach the students and keep them safe, they don't build the ramps, the students do.


If I don't have a church or group to come with can I still attend camp?

Of course! We would love to have you attend any one of our camps. Please email Alex Williams to discuss your situation and we will find a way to get you to ROTC!


How can I help ROTC without attending camp?

If you would like to help ROTC but cannot attend camp, we would love for you to make a donation to us! Just click HERE to donate.