Reaching Others Through Christ is a mission organization in which Jr. High students travel to small towns all over Texas each summer and construct wheelchair ramps for members of those communities that are in need, at no cost to them. Worship at ROTC is designed to expose Jr. High students to different elements of worship and open their eyes to all that God has to offer them as well as all that God can do through them.

Reaching Others Through Christ held its first camp in Arlington, Texas during summer 2003 where 32 participants built 4 ramps. The organization was started when our Founder, Kristi Zeller, was not able to find a junior high mission trip to meet the needs of her ministry. Having a lot of mission trip experience, Kristi decided to host a mission trip. The trip would have just as much emphasis on worship as it did with building something for someone in need. She believed that the students should be exposed to new ways of worshiping God.

In 2008, ROTC became a 501c3 Public Charity. Since its inception in 2003, ROTC has hosted thousands of students and built hundreds of ramps! The leadership of ROTC prays that the Lord will continue to use us for God's glory, and allow us to reach others through Christ for years to come!


Reaching Others Through Christ offers an intense Christian mission trip experience for Jr. High youth that engages them to use their hands, minds and hearts to deepen their relationship with Christ.

A week of ROTC provides opportunities for youth to build wheelchair ramps on Tuesday through Thursday, and a variety of community service projects on Friday. Each night, we enjoy a time of fellowship through fun activities in the local church and community, and the night ends with a powerfully dynamic worship service.

ROTC strives to show participants that there are endless ways we can worship God. Each day starts with a morning devotional lead by one of our youth leaders. During lunch, participants invite their clients to join them for a sack lunch and devotional. A dynamic worship service ends each night. The nightly services are not your "normal" worship services. They allow participants to step out of the box and experience worship.